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Find out what the critics had to say about Allam’s performance as Willy Brandt in Democracy at the Cottesloe Theatre and the Wyndham’s Theatre…

There’s a whole clutch of first-rate performances here but the greatest emphasis naturally falls upon Roger Allam’s Brandt and Conleth Hill as Guillaume. Both are superb. Allam is highly persuasive as a man of integrity who could command loyalty and affection by the simplest of gestures

– London Theatre archive review, 21 April 2004

Roger Allam’s Brandt is one of the best portrayals of a politician I have ever seen in that it shows how total public command coexists with depressive private uncertainty.

– The Guardian, 10 September 2003

Roger Allam is masterly as Brandt, in an affectionate, sometimes ambiguous portrait, conveying all those contradictory opinions about him.

– Curtain Up, 20 September 2003

Democracy 6

Roger Allam’s Brandt moves to the centre of the play now as both a moving and believable dramatic character and a fascinating guess at the reality.

– Theatre Guide London, April 2004

I liked Roger Allam’s performance, there was a sense of a political instinct which is normally associated with a ruthlessness that politicians tend to have. But with Brandt, and with Allam, there was sense that there was a lot of sincerity there, and that is a very difficult line to tread.

– Theatre Voice, 12 September 2003. The full audio review is available for listen and download at TheatreVOICE. 

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