Roger Allam to voice Death in The Book Thief

Roger Allam to voice Death in The Book Thief

It has just been revealed that Roger Allam will voice Death in the film The Book Thief.

(6 October 2013) Set in Nazi Germany, The Book Thief recounts the life of Liesel, a young girl who experiences life-changing relationships with her foster parents, th
eir neighbours, and a Jewish fist-fighter hiding in their home. Learning to read and write changes her life and she learns to value the written word; she begins to steal undamaged books from the burning rubble of burned book piles. She also keeps a book of her experiences which she titles “The Book Thief.” Death narrates the story which, given the story’s time and place, is gravely appropriate. Roger Allam is no stranger to lending his voice to films about books, having voiced the narrator in the 2008 film Inkheart.

The Book Thief, also starring Sophie Nélisse, Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson, is set for limited release beginning 8th November 2013. It will be released in the United States on 15th November 2013.


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