Roger Allam is the narrator of Sarah & Duck

New series of Sarah & Duck

A new series of our favourite cartoon has begun on CBeebies while the first series is being aired in the US on PBS Sprout.

(23 August 2013) The last series was a resounding success, with children and parents alike charmed by the ‘wide eyed, quacky, flappy’ (as the official website puts it) of Sarah (Tasha Lawrence) and her ever faithful companion, Duck. The last series outperformed the average viewing figures for its time slot and topped iPlayer charts thanks to well thought out stories, frankly adorable animations and the fine young actress playing Sarah’s interactions with the narrator, voiced by Roger Allam.
“We are thrilled that our wonderful characters have caused such a splash in their first year,” says producer and Karrot Entertainment co-founder Jamie Badminton. “Sarah & Duck has been created and made with a great deal of love and care and we’re delighted that viewers young and old have responded to them with such warmth and in such numbers.” sarahanddduck02

This show is well worth checking out, even if you lack a toddler to watch it with. Catch the new series of ten 7 minute episodes on CBeebies at 5:25pm from Monday to Friday and on iPlayer shortly after they air; American viewers can tune in for the first series PBS Sprout on weekdays at 8:30 ET. Also, given the popularity of the first series, episodes are now available to buy on iTunes with DVDs, plush toys, picture books set to hit the shelves in early 2014.

12 thoughts on “New series of Sarah & Duck

  1. Hi, my name is Lisa. My son and I just got done watching Sarah and Duck season 1 and 2 on Netflix. I was wondering is there a season 3 to this show, he really likes it.

    Thanks, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, sorry for the late reply. A third series was commissioned and shouldn’t be long now. Keep an eye on the website or @Sarah_and_Duck on Twitter!

    1. Yes! Another 40 episodes were commissioned by CBeebies. Full production started earlier this year but there is no news on the release date just yet.

  2. My 3 year old son and I just love this show so much! I love the stories and adventures these original and charming characters embark on each episode. Keep up the great work and looking forward to season 3 here in California!!

  3. Hi there, my son absolutely loves Sarah and Duck. (I do too)
    Please tell me they’ll be a season 4?
    Is there anywhere to buy Sarah’s and Duck soft toys?

  4. I’m going to cry if there is never going to be a season 4, it’s so beautiful we watch it nearly every day ❤

  5. My disabled daughter can’t go a day without watching Sarah and Duck. It’s a brilliant, lovely, story/adventure with extremely talented, perfectly cast, endearing, well imagined characters. THANK YOU! Bravo!!!!

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