Albert Speer: Reviews

Find out what the critics had to say about Allam’s performance as Adolf Hitler in Albert Speer at the Lyttelton Theatre…

Roger Allam – a transforming and undersung actor – is a perfectly judged Hitler, a man who presents himself as more house-painter than hell-raiser, and who moves from sinister emollience and ingratiating chirpiness to a stooped and cranky figure, one palsied hand clenched trembling behind his back.

– The Observer, 28 May 2000

Allam’s Hitler is not the table thumping, hectoring leader we have seen on film, but a man who cares deeply about his country. The National Theatre makeup and wig team have ensured a strong physical resemblance. Allam has the posture, the inflection in Hitler’s voice to a T. It is when he mentions “French niggers” in a conversation that we are shocked out of our complacency.

Albert Speer

– CurtainUp, 25 May 2000

Roger Allam manages to make the character of Adolf Hitler sympathetic in his straightforward but excellent performance with no hint of caricature whatsoever.

– London Theatre Archive, May 2000

In a flashy performance that will undoubtedly win awards, Roger Allam captures Hitler’s demonic energy and personal magnetism.

– Theatre Guide London, Spring 2000

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