Nancy Carroll and Roger Allam visit Glyndebourne © Piers Foley 2018

New crime series “Murder in Provence”

Here’s some excellent news – this month BritBox started adapting ML Longworth’s crime novels into a series titled Murder In Provence. The series consists of three feature-length episodes (90 mins), starring Roger Allam, Nancy Carroll, and Keala Settle.

Allam stars as Antoine Verlaque, Investigating Judge in Aix-en Provence, while Carroll is his romantic partner Marine Bonnet. Together, they investigate the murders, mysteries, and dark underbelly of their idyllic home in the south of France. Their efforts are aided by Hélène, a detective and Antoine’s trusted confidante.

Canadian author Longworth has written eight Verlaque & Bonnet novels, the first of which is Aix-en-Provence-set Death at the Château. Verlaque and Bonnet unravel the mysterious case of local nobleman Etienne de Bremont, who falls to his death from his family château.

Nancy Carroll and Roger Allam in The Moderate Soprano at the Duke of York's Theatre © Johan Perrson 2018
Nancy Carroll and Roger Allam together in The Moderate Soprano, 2018. Credit: Johan Persson

The series is being adapted for the screen by renowned playwright Shelagh Stephenson, who also the BBC Radio 4 drama How Does That Make You Feel? in which Allam plays the inept politician Richard Fallon MP during his weekly psychotherapist visit. Murder In Provence is directed by Chloe Thomas and produced by Grainne Marmion. Executive producers are Debra Hayward, Alison Owen, and Alison Carpenter. Stephenson and Allam also serve as executive producers.

Owen said: “The pairing of Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll as Antoine and Marine is just delicious and promises sparring and fun as they solve crimes in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.”

The Olivier Award-winning duo have worked together previously in David Hare’s The Moderate Soprano, which was originally staged at the Hampstead Theatre in 2015 before a West End run at the Duke of York’s Theatre in 2018.

Production began in July 2021 in the UK and France, and the series premieres March 1st, 2022 on Britbox UK and US. It then airs July 17th, 2022 on ITV.

Update: a few useful links for Murder in Provence

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36 thoughts on “New crime series “Murder in Provence”

  1. I happened to be on the beach while a scene of “Murder in Provence” was beeing shooted.
    I was kindly asked to leave!
    TOO BAD!

  2. Oh all things Roger Allam, I adore. And I really appreciate this drama Murder in Provence. The scenery, acting, fashions and nearly everything is stunning. But Mr. Allam’s forehead makeup is just a little too tan for comfort. (compared to his neck and chest of course!)

  3. I found this enjoyable. The writing was well done. With excellent character development, the relationships between characters seem believable and compassionate. Hope season 1 is commissioned.

    1. I also thoroughly enjoyed the all too brief three sessions. Funny to see so many of the British actors from other series (Father Brown) utilized in this series. Sure hope they do more. The scenery is spectacular!!!

  4. We want more! My wife and I (and my sister-n-law) absolutely love this series. Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll are delicious!

  5. Just watched all three and can’t wait to see more! Such depth and texture, it’s entirely captivating. Besides the always totally excellent and eminently Roger, we have the criminally underused Nancy Carrol. And Provence! It’s like ‘Death in Paradise’, but for adults! Please, please make more!

  6. The series visuals and interior shots are stunning, but the plots and writing? … there are better choices…

  7. The repartee is quick and clever. There is a resemblance in style to Dashiell Hammett’s Art Deco detectives, Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell and Myrna Loy). The casting is wonderful.
    Who would have dreamed that Flambeau would be tripped up by DI Fred Thursday and Lady Felicia Montague?
    Now I remember why I subscribed to Britbox.

  8. Please don’t make us wait too long for more. This is by far one of the best new series for many years…… more please!

  9. I see bad directing and dialog. The writers do not trust the visuals and the visuals are very shallow. Not much French or Provence.
    The main character does not present as a sensitive cook.

  10. What a great series!! It is probably not enough violence and gore for the ‘brutal’ men of this world. I appreciate the fact that it is about solving the crime. I do hope there are more people out there that appreciate it too.

  11. Fabulous series…great pairing of Allan and Carroll, beautiful backdrop and scenery, caustic humour and elegant….more, more, more…..please!!

  12. Murder in Provence is fantastic! Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll have great chemistry, the plots are intriguing and the setting is beautiful. Please, please, please may there be many more episodes. Make Murder in Provence a series!

  13. Really enjoy the chemistry between Roger Allam and Nancy Carroll…the humor and timing are excellent … truly enjoyable…give it a 10 out of 10..looking forward to more!!!

  14. Excellent!!! Great chemistry..well written plots..beautiful locations and settings. Please let this become a regular series!!!!!!

  15. Great series. Hope there will be another series to follow. Great writing, dialogue, acting and scenery in Aix and surrounding countryside of Provence. Keep up the excellent work.

  16. Please continue the murder in province series, my wife and I love it, as do all we introduce it too.

  17. It was fun to watch. But as an American I kept asking “where are the French people?” Everything I saw was French: the wine, the food, scenery, except every single person was English. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain why there are only English people in the middle of Province. Thank you

    1. This remark keeps popping up: “Why do they not speak French/have an accent?” There are countless British and American movies set in foreign countries where the leads speak English, and everyone they meet conveniently masters the language. Off the top of my head: Schindler’s List, Amadeus, Gladiator, Anna Karenina, or even Les Misérables… Listening to a bad fake French accent is distracting 😖 So if the movie or series is meant for an english speaking audience with English actors, I much prefer this solution.

      Roger explained the decision: “We were never going to do French accents for these characters, that wouldn’t have worked at all, it would have become annoying. But we did try to find a French quality to them… The approach to the language was that everyone in it is French, and we’re in France. I think the rule was that we tried to sort of do a slight kind of French pronunciation of names, but do it as lightly as possible, really.”

  18. Agreed with the comments about
    a lack of ‘french’ in the series but
    what struck me was that some of Roger Allams line could have been
    straight out of Confessions of a Long Marriage.
    Any connection ?

    1. No connection with Confessions of a long marriage but Murder in Provence is adapated by Shelagh Stevenson who wrote the Radio Four comedy/drama ‘How does that make you feel’ which starred Roger as Richard Fallon MP.

  19. I’ve just discovered Murder in Provence. It’s delightful and very well done. I love the characters and the scenery is beautiful. I hope it returns, three episodes just isn’t enough!

  20. I am in Australia and have just enjoyed episode 1.

    What I cannot understand is how a Judge investigates murders, Why not the police? Why doe everyone call him Judge?

    Are they supposed to be French, living in France, and only use English as their language to avoid sub titles?

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