Roger Allam © Chris McAndrew for The Times, 2017

Be part of Learners!

Learners is a comedy-drama starring Roger Allam, Emer Heatley and Jack Gleeson about two lost souls learning more than just the rules of the road.

When cantankerous widower David agrees to teach his son’s unemployed girlfriend Ellen to drive, things get off to a very rocky start. David is rude, irritable and impatient; Ellen is panicky, flustered and late. Their first lessons are chaos in second gear.

But slowly they learn to navigate each other’s idiosyncrasies as Ellen learns the rules of the road, and their lessons spark an unlikely friendship.

Learners is a bittersweet comedy-drama that sets out to prove that a coming of age story can happen at any age. 

Tackling themes of loneliness and grief, and how these issues affect both older and younger people alike, it’ll make you laugh out loud and break your heart in equal measure.

Learners needs your support to move out of first gear and get on the road. Short films are hard to fund and expensive to make. Learn how to help through Kickstarter, with rewarding pledges for all budgets such as a signed scripts and visiting the set!

2 thoughts on “Be part of Learners!

    1. First of all, thank you for wanting to help! The crowdfunding ran until 24 April 2024, so unfortunately you can no longer contribute. The good news is that Learners reached its goal and is fully funded! So look out for the movie – the next best thing you can do is to purchase and watch it.

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