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RT @ITG_Ltd: A stellar lineup. ⭐️

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New Episode coming out this Friday at 12:00pm with the amazing Roger Allam, tune in on YouTube and Spotify.

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John Jencks' UK comedy ‘Promenade’ starring Anna Chancellor, Roger Allam starts shoot (exclusive)

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Be part of Learners!

Roger Allam © Chris McAndrew for The Times, 2017

Learners is a comedy-drama starring Roger Allam, Emer Heatley and Jack Gleeson about two lost souls learning more than just the rules of the road. When cantankerous widower David agrees to teach his son’s unemployed girlfriend Ellen to drive, things… Read More…

Upcoming Events

05 Apr, 2024

Roger Allam is guest on a new episode of the podcast Actors Unscripted, with Benito Curteanu as host.

03 Apr, 2024

John Jencks’ new whodunnit Promenade begins filming in Brighton.

22 Feb, 2024

Conversations from a Long Marriage returns on Radio 4 at 6:30pm with Series 5.