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Screen adaptation of Uncle Vanya

Uncle Vanya, 2020

Ian Rickson‚Äôs production of Conor McPherson‚Äôs new adaptation of Uncle Vanya has been filmed on stage at the¬†Harold Pinter Theatre¬†last month. When London went into lockdown in March and theatres were forced to close,¬†Uncle Vanya was in the final weeks… Read More…

Upcoming Events

27 Oct, 2020

Uncle Vanya is released in UK cinemas, with more dates and venues forthcoming. Watch the trailer and book your tickets here.

28 Sep, 2020

New dark comedy Say Your Prayers will be released on Virgin Media, Sky Store, Apple/ iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Rakuten. Watch the trailer.

30 Jun, 2020

Outside Edge Theatre Company‚Äės Theatre Club view and discuss The Globe‚Äôs 2013 production of The Tempest. Roger Allam, who played Prospero, will join for an online Q&A.

17 May, 2020

Repeat of all Cabin Pressure episodes on BBC Radio 4 Extra, every Sunday at 7.30pm.