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Conversations From A Long Marriage

Roger Allam and Joanna Lumley in The Christmas Eve special of Conversations From A Long Marriage © Radio 4, @2018

As a one-off episode broadcast on Radio 4 on New Year’s Day, Conversations from a Long Marriage portrayed Joanna Lumley and Roger Allam as a married couple for over 40 years. Children of the Sixties, they were still free spirits, drawn… Read More…

Upcoming Events

01 May, 2019

Githa Sowerby’s Rutherford and Son will appear in a new staging at the Lyttelton Theatre (National Theatre).

24 Dec, 2018

Tune in for a new episode of Conversations from a Long Marriage on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30.

29 Nov, 2018

Supporting theatre, changing lives. Join Roger Allam for dinner at The Bingham Hotel in support of the Richmond Theatre Trust.
Click here for tickets and more info.

22 Nov, 2018

Mariah Gale and Roger Allam will perform readings at the special memorial concert to mark the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht and the Kindertransport at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in London. Music will consist of an one-off performance by cellist Friederike Fechner and pianist Mathias Husmann. Tickets and info.

04 Sep, 2018

A new series of How Does That Make You Feel is now available on BBC Radio 4. Listen here.

14 Jul, 2018

Filming starts for the sixth series of Endeavour.