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The Moderate Soprano: Our Review

Nancy Carroll and Roger Allam in The Moderate Soprano © Hampstead Theatre / Manuel Harlan

“For me,” intones John Christie, resplendent in lederhosen and glowing in the light of his own beneficence as he launches into a metaphor about how his opera house is like his garden, “You make it but I own it.”  … Read More…

Upcoming Events

16 Dec, 2015

A series of readings from the Bible alternated with classical music performed by brass ensemble Septura at Kings Place, London.

27 Nov, 2015

New radio sketch show on BBC 4, starts at 11:30. A star cast performs short scenes exploring communication in Michael Frayn’s Matchbox Theatre.

16 Nov, 2015

Return of Richard Fallon and his exasperated therapist Martha in the 15 minute drama How Does That Make You Feel? (Listen to episode 1 and episode 2)

13 Nov, 2015

Film adaptation of Alan Bennett’s play The Lady in the Van is released in UK cinemas. Starring Maggie Smith and Alex Jennings.