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The Moderate Soprano: reviews

Nancy Carroll and Roger Allam in The Moderate Soprano at the Duke of York's Theatre © Johan Perrson, 2018

Find out what the critics had to say about Roger Allam’s performance as John Christie in The Moderate Soprano at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London… One of the high points of Roger Allam’s superb performance as Christie comes when he defends… Read More…

Upcoming Events

14 Jul, 2018

Filming starts for the sixth series of Endeavour.

30 Jun, 2018

Final performance of The Moderate Soprano at The Duke of York Theatre, London. Book your ticket here.

26 May, 2018

It’s been a year since The Hippopotamus was released and Ted Wallace rampaged across our screens. To commemorate, you can watch the The Hay Festival Q&A here.

11 May, 2018

Repeat of Edmund Gosse’s childhood memoir, Father and Son, on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 3 pm.
Repeat of Jeremy Front’s The Anniversary Waltz on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 5pm.

06 May, 2018

Talking about The Moderate Soprano on The Michael Ball Show at 11 am on BBC Radio 2.

11 Apr, 2018