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Winter’s Tales: Review

© Richard Hubert Smith

“It could be pure kitsch, a Madame Tussauds-grade piece of tourist tat. That it is not, that it manages to be a serious and adventurous theatre, is down to its artistic direction, but also to its fabric.”- Rowan Moore, ‘Sam Wanamaker… Read More…

Upcoming Events

11 Apr, 2015

Catch the 2010 BBC afternoon drama What Do You Know?, with Rebecca Saire as Natasha and Roger Allam as DCI Parsons. Listen here.

25 Mar, 2015

20 March: final day of shooting on The Truth Commissioner.
23 March: start script rehearsal for the 3rd season of Endeavour. Filming starts on the 31st.

23 Mar, 2015

Start of the fifth series of How Does That Make You Feel? on BBC Radio 4 at 10:45pm, with Rebecca Saire and Roger Allam. Listen here.